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About Us

HAN'EI KAYA is a traditional Izakaya Style Japanese Restaurant, We provide the best dining experience for our guests to enjoy wide variety of Japanese izakaya dishes with your special one, Our primary attraction are the Skewers of Yakitori, Sashimi, Sushi Roll and Ramen, we also provide other hot foods such as Udon, Hot Pot, Rice etc.. 

We take great care in selecting fresh ingredients, notably our sashimi, which is imported from Japan. In addition, we offer a broad selection of Japanese Premium Beer, Sake, UmeChu, ShoChu, Whisky, Gin, and other beverages for our customers to enjoy while they dine on our Japanese cuisine.


We have specially built dining areas for you to choose from, such as Yakitori Bar, Sake Bar, Special Designed Partitions, Outdoor sitting areas, and Private dining rooms, to satisfy a variety of customer needs. Our restaurant is Pets Friendly, and you are welcome to bring them along with you. 


When you enter our restaurant, you will be surrounded by Japanese warm and cozy ambiance, with specially designed Japanese street view, light box, Japanese flags and alley view wall deco.  Our goal is to deliver a relaxing and delightful dining experience for our guests.

Our Story

Han'ei Kaya Japanese Restaurant is owned by Miya Biya Sdn Bhd. The term 'Han'ei' means wealth and prosperity in Japanese, and it provides a new and delicious alternative to the Japanese F&B company.

Our founder Mr Dwi, have more than 5 years experience in operating and investing on F&B business, After the success of his business in Jakarta and the expansion of his business in Kuala Lumpur, he met with his associates, Mr Chu, Vincent, and Alan, and came up with the inspiration to open the Han'ei Kaya restaurant in Plaza Arkadia., DesaPark City, Kuala Lumpur. They all come from diverse backgrounds, but all like and have passion on culinary world.

To fulfil the demands of the growing consumer base, they embraced a variety of Japanese restaurant concepts, specializes in owning brands from Casual Family Style to Yakitori & Sake Bar concepts, The company is totally dedicated to providing the highest quality cuisine, great service, and genuine hospitality to its guests.

Meet The Team

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